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Dog accidentally pulls fire alarm at Iowa doggie 'day camp'


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(UPI) Firefighters in Iowa were summoned to a doggie "day camp" but arrived to find the fire alarm had accidentally been pulled by a canine camper.

Dogwoods Lodge in Grimes said a dog named Birdie had trouble containing her excitement when she arrived for day camp on Friday.

"She just arrived for day camp and was just bouncing around and bounced into the fire alarm, pushed it in, pulled it down and that was it," Dogwoods Lodge owner Jessica Tapper told KCCI-TV.

Security camera footage from the facility shows Birdie excitedly jumping on a wall and pulling the fire alarm.

Dogwoods Lodge posted a photo to Facebook showing the canine wearing a sign reading: "Dear Grimes Fire Department, I'm sorry that I pulled the fire alarm today. Sincerely, Birdie."


The fire department responded on Facebook saying Birdie is forgiven.

"The face certainly says sorry. False alarms do occur from time to time, but it is our job to keep everyone safe. We are certainly glad there wasn't a fire Dogwoods Lodge," the department said.

Tapper said Birdie didn't actually seem all that contrite about pulling the alarm.

"She didn't seem to care at all. The other dogs were freaking out," she said.

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