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Help your dog ease into the autumn season

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As the summer comes to an end and the weather gets colder, the leaves aren’t the only thing changing.

As seasons change, the American Kennel Club offers these tips to help make this fall the best season yet for you and your pup.

Make gradual changes. New seasons don’t happen overnight, and neither will your dog’s adjustment to them. Colder temperatures might mean walking your dog at different times a day, while varying schedules (back-to-school and so on), might mean altering your dog’s routine. Make these changes slowly over a few weeks so that by the time you’re in full fall swing, it’ll be the new normal.

Notice relationships. Over summer breaks when the whole family is home more, your dog might have had time to spend with someone who isn’t usually home as much, or maybe relatives who visited from far away. If you or family members are not home as frequently during this season, try creating bonds with your pup with those who will be home full time, so that they feel more at ease. This way, they won’t miss you as much.

Don’t forget to exercise. Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean your dog needs any less exercise. When temperatures are colder, you may need to bundle up – yourself and your pup. But getting outside is still just as important for your dog’s mind and body. Boredom can increase undesirable behaviors, like digging, jumping and chewing, and getting your dog exercise will keep them stimulated.


Check local flea and tick seasons. Depending on where you live, tick season may vary. In some places, it’s year-round, but generally flea-and-tick season is at its peak from April to November. Some states start earlier in the year and some end as late as December, so depending on your location, don’t let your guard down when it comes to flea and tick prevention.

Teach a new trick. With everyone going back to school and schedules changing, making time to teach your dog a new trick can make all the difference. Even short training sessions are better than nothing, and spending time with your pup makes a huge difference. Make sure that they feel valued and loved whenever you can!

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