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American Kennel Club offers pet theft prevention tips

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Pet theft happens every day across the country, and though it is an unimaginable thought, it is important to be prepared and be alert. Pet theft is on the rise, and losing a member of your family can be devastating.

While it cannot always be helped, the American Kennel Club offers tips for protecting your pet from theft.

Walk close. When you’re out on walks with your dog, keep them on the leash and in-sight at all times. This will reduce the likelihood of them wandering off or catching the attention of someone with the intent to steal.

Never leave your dog unattended in your yard. Whether your yard is in your front or backyard, leaving them outside by themselves makes them an easy target for thieves. Especially if your yard is visible from the street, they become an easy target if alone.

Be wary of what information you give out. It’s fairly normal for strangers to approach you and admire your dog on walks, but giving out too much information about your dog can also put them at risk. Information like how much your dog cost, or details about where you live are not things you should share.

Don’t tie your dog outside a store. Leaving your dog tied up outside a store unattended is extremely dangerous, even if you can see them from the window. It only takes moments for your attention to be elsewhere and someone to untie them and take them along. If you need to go in stores, go to dog-friendly establishments or leave your dog at home.


Don’t leave your dog in the car. Similarly to leaving them outside, leaving your dog in your car unattended is not only dangerous for the dog, but also can prompt thieves to break in, or steal your vehicle.

Protect your dog with microchip identification. Collars and tags are important, but can be easily removed. Make sure your pet is microchipped with a permanent ID, and keep the information up-to-date. For more information on microchipping, go to

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