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Texas family's stolen dog found 5 years later, 600 miles from home


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(UPI) A dog stolen from a Texas family was found five years later when she was picked up by an animal control officer more than 600 miles away.

The City of Borger said in a Facebook post that an animal control officer recently picked up a stray German shepherd and scanned the canine for a microchip.

The dog's microchip identified her as Sheba, a pet stolen five years earlier from Stephanie Malstrom's home in Baytown, Texas, a town about 600 miles away.

Malstrom said in 2018 that the then-2-year-old dog has been stolen when she wandered up to a stranger's pickup truck outside her home.


"She's such a loving animal. She went right to him, thinking she was going to go for a ride. And she hasn't been back," she told KTRK-TV in 2018.

Malstrom said in a Facebook post that she is working with a nonprofit group to arrange Sheba's journey home on a private plane.

"If you take anything from this story PLEASE micro-chip your animals," she wrote.

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