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Never mind red or blue states. Do you live in a cat or dog state?

Rita Giordano, The Philadelphia Inquirer on

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PHILADELPHIA -- Forget red states and blue states.

We’re a pet nation, and a new survey is here to tell us where we stand:

Pennsylvania and Delaware are all about cats.

New Jersey is for the dogs.

And in New York, even with the Big Apple’s closet-sized apartments, canines are king.

Research into America’s pet preferences by Time2play, a media and advertising company, found the nation evenly split — 25 feline-favoring and 25 canine-preferring states.


“Petting a purring cat just really zens you out,” said Doylestown cat cafe owner and longtime cat lover Eilene Shaffer.

Dogs “are loyal to a fault,” said Billie McClintock, owner of two beagle brothers in Haddon Township.

Pet partisans in our local states were not surprised at their majority.

“I think there are clandestine cat lovers that aren’t admitting it in every state,” said Shaffer, who owns MeWow Cafe. She also said it’s a myth that cats are a female-preferred pet.


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