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The American Kennel Club shares tips for the Fourth of July

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Summer brings cookouts, festivals, celebrations and July 4 fireworks. For many pets, the loud noises and bright flashes that accompany fireworks can be especially stressful.

Now is the time to take steps to minimize your pet’s stress during the July 4 celebrations. Also realize that in many communities, people start celebrating with firecrackers in the days prior to actual the July 4 holiday, so it’s best to be prepared in advance.

What is noise aversion?

Many dogs (approximately one of every three) and cats suffer from a term we call “noise aversion.” Also known as noise-phobia, noise aversion is a fear and anxiety exhibited upon hearing loud noises; including fireworks, thunder, etc. This can lead to stress, suffering and potentially destructive behavior to the environment or even to the dog itself. It is serious enough to be considered a medical condition if it worsens the quality of life and increases the risk of injury or puts a strain on family members.

Signs of noise aversion in dogs include:

Pacing or restlessness


Trembling or shaking

Panting excessively

Excessive alertness or hypervigilance



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