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Tips on enjoying a beach day with your dog

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With summertime comes beach days. With a little extra planning, your canine pals can join the summertime fun.

To ensure dog owners have the best beach experience possible with their pup friends, the American Kennel Club suggests the following safety tips:

Stay hydrated. Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water to drink and keep him away from drinking ocean water. Salt water contains high levels of sodium along with other contaminants that can be dangerous to your dog’s health. Keeping fresh water on hand keeps your pet hydrated and decreases his chances of getting sick.

Provide shade. If you are spending a longer amount of time outside with your dog, make sure to have an umbrella with you. This guarantees your dog has a spot to rest and get some shade.

Consider swimming with your dog. Although it’s true that many dogs like swimming, the old belief that “all dogs can swim” is false. Guide your dog through shallow water and build his swimming confidence. You can always begin training with a life vest to ensure your dog feels comfortable.


Use sunscreen. Dogs, especially those that are hairless or have a light-colored coat, are vulnerable to the sun. It is always a good call to apply dog-safe sunblock to protect your canine companion from the sun’s harmful rays.

Rinse off. As soon as your dog is done playing, rinse him off. Chlorine is irritating to the skin and eyes, and bacteria from rivers or lakes may make your pet sick. Be sure to rinse or shampoo your dog and don’t forget to dry out his ears as well.


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