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Kitten rescued from fast food drink cup in New York


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(UPI) An environmental conservation officer in New York came to the rescue of a kitten spotted wandering in the middle of a road with its head stuck in a fast food cup.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said in a news release that Environmental Conservation Officer Darci Dougherty was nearly the end of a late-night shift when she spotted "an object in the middle of the road in the town of Ellery."

Dougherty soon realized the object was a kitten with its head stuck inside "a plastic fast food drink cup."

"The tiny animal was unable to lift its head off the ground nor pull its head out of the lid," the department said.


The officer was able to remove the lid from the cup, but had to cut through the lid to free the kitten.

"This ordeal could easily have been deadly for the kitten, but easily prevented if the responsible party had properly disposed of the cup. The kitten was later adopted," the release said.

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