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Lake Michigan dog rescue caught on camera in Chicago


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(UPI) A man jumped into Lake Michigan to rescue a struggling dog, and the dramatic scene was caught on camera by a boater.

Annie Ryzak, who captured video of the rescue, said she was on a boat near Ohio Street Beach when she spotted a dog in the water.

"This was like boat central, party central on the weekend. And the water's cold, too," Ryzak told CBS Chicago. We're trying to figure out what to do, because the dog kept swimming farther out and you know, there's boats everywhere, especially this weekend.


Ryzak said the dog caught the attention of two men on shore, and one of them jumped in the water and swam to the canine.

"He swam out and he kind of guided the dog back to shore. It looks like it's his friends who got the dog back, carried him up and took him to who looked like his owners, maybe," Ryzak said.

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