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Tips for fall hiking with your dog

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Hiking is a great way to take advantage of the cool fall weather and beautiful foliage. Many dog owners can agree that no one makes a more willing and eager hiking buddy than your dog. Going for hikes with your dog is a great way for both of you to get some exercise while enjoying all the season has to offer. The American Kennel Club offers these tips on what to bring along when you and your dog hit the trails together:

— Know your breed: The amount of physical activity your dog needs is heavily influenced by their breed. A high-energy breed, like a border collie, may have a much easier time on a hike than a lower energy breed. The exercise limits of your dog are an important factor to keep in mind before heading out on an adventure. Research your breed and check with your veterinarian to make sure your plans are in line with your dog’s physical limits.

— Leash: Many hiking trails require dogs to be on leash. Even if your trail doesn’t have a leash requirement, it’s a good idea to have one with you. Keeping your dog on a leash will help if you need to steer him away from anything along the trail, like poisonous plants or other animals.

— Water and travel bowl: Hiking can be exhausting for your dog, so it’s important to keep him hydrated. Make sure you bring water for him. Bring a collapsible bowl with a bottle of water and offer your dog a drink every half hour.


— Bags for cleanup: Always bring bags with you to clean up after your dog even if you don’t think you’ll be out that long. Your dog will eventually need a bathroom break and it is better to be prepared with a cleanup bag.

— First aid kit: It is best to always have some essentials with you in case of an emergency. It’s good to have items such as a small tube of antibiotic cream for minor cuts, roll-on bandages and a clean bandana to use as a tourniquet in case of major bleeding or bone fractures.

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