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Top 10 dog-friendly cars include some not-so-obvious choices

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He said his dogs have always liked the Explorer because they are up high and "can see around." Allen likes the vehicle because it's comfortable to drive long distances, he can hose it down if the dogs are muddy from hunting, the backseats fold down for the dogs to stretch and there is plenty of storage space.

Last week, he ordered a new Explorer to replace his current one when the lease expires in December.

On the town for custard

Margie Bauer has her priorities when she buys a car too and they're in this order: "One that my dogs can fit in and one that a lot of stuff can fit in and one that is easy to park and can fit in my garage," Bauer said.

Bauer of Harper Woods, Mich., was a muscle-car lover like Bond. Bauer's first car was a 1976 Camaro back before she got dogs. By 1988 she had Sandy, her first dog, a golden retriever. The Camaro "was out for practicality," she said.

Bauer has driven Chevrolet SUVs ever since, currently her 2015 Equinox.

"It's just the right size," Bauer said, for her two dogs, Liberty, a 60-pound golden retriever, and Layla, a 54-pound beagle-corgi mix. "They can fit in the backseat and jump up in it."

She said it has a lot of storage space for trips with the dogs up north. And it's easy to clean fur after short trips around town and those hot summer days when she takes them to a custard shop to get a cup of ice cream with a dog treat in it.

For her, having a dog-friendly car is non-negotiable.

"I'm always going to have some dogs and I want to be able to take them with me even if it's just for short little trips," Bauer said. "They're my buddies."

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—2021 Kia Rio5 compact hatchback

—2021 Land Rover Discovery SUV

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—2021 Subaru Outback wagon

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—2021 Chevrolet Corvette sports car

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