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Lost dog turns up three years later, more than 300 miles away


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(UPI) An Alabama woman was reunited with her missing dog after three years, thanks to the canine being lured into another woman's car with corn dogs.

Dixie Greenwell, of Huntsville, said she has been searching for her dog, Charming, ever since he disappeared nearly three years ago.

"We couldn't find him. I've always had a little bit of faith. I never felt like he was fully gone," Greenwell told WALA-TV.

There was no sign of Charming until a woman named Faith recently spotted a stray canine wandering around a Marathon gas station in Baldwin County -- more than 300 miles from Greenwell's home -- and used corn dogs to lure the dog into her car.


Faith took the dog to Silverhill Vet Clinic, where he was scanned for a microchip and identified as Charming.

Greenwell said the reunion highlights the importance of microchipping pets.

"If you love them back, take care of them and get them microchipped, then stuff like this happens. He comes back after nearly three years," she said.

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