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Memorable pets from film history

Stacey Marcus on

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Indian author Ruchi Prabhu observes that “pets understand humans better than humans do.” Look no further than film to see the truth in Prabhu's sentiment: Who can resist Lassie’s loyalty, Toto’s tenacity, or the way the pixilated pets in “The Secret Life of Pets” fill up the screen? Adding a four-legged friend to a film elevates its appeal given these furry family members' uncanny connection to the center of our hearts.

Stacker created a fetching list of memorable pets that play significant roles in the plots of films that span decades, countries, and genres. Movies are organized by release date, from old to new, withIMDb andMetacritic data provided for popular and critical context.

Treat yourself and your favorite furry friend to a tour of 25 films that feature pets. You’ll find some of your favorites like Balto, Old Yeller, Charlotte, Wilbur, and the dotted Dalmatian pack. We salute the pets that light up our lives, and the directors and producers who helped make these movie pets stars of our screens.


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