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Wolf enclosure at Chinese zoo contains only a domesticated dog


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(UPI) A Chinese zoo's wolf enclosure is gaining attention online after a visitor captured video of a domesticated dog in the enclosure labeled for its wild canine cousins.

A video posted to Chinese social media by a visitor to the Xiangwushan Zoo in Xianning, Hubei province, shows the dog, which appears to be a rottweiler, resting in a cage labeled as the wolf exhibit.

The filmer said a zoo employee told him there used to be a wolf in the cage, but it died of old age.


An official with Forestry Bureau Office of Xianning City said the zoo told authorities the dog was being temporarily housed in the wolf enclosure to prevent people from trying to sneak into the zoo by scaling the wall into the habitat.

The official said the zoo has now been asked to remove signs from the enclosure that identify its inhabitant as a wolf.

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