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Cat reunited with owner after going missing during mudslides


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(UPI) Patches, a calico cat that went during the Southern California mudslides in January 2018, has been reunited with her owner.

The cat was believed to be dead until she was brought to the Animal Shelter Assistance Program or ASAP, located in Santa Barbara, Calif. Patches had a microchip, reuniting her with owner Norm Borgatello.

Patches belonged to Borgatello and Josie Gower, who died from the Montecito debris flow, a result of the mudslides that killed 23 people.

ASAP released onto Instagram photos of Borgatello picking up Patches.


"We are so grateful that, with the support of our amazing community, not only are we able to save lives, but we are often able to help these special reunions happen. As we see time and time again, a lost cat with a microchip has a much greater chance of being reunited with their matter how, or for how long, they've been separated," ASAP said

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