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Cat reunited with Ontario family after 10 years


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(UPI) An Ontario family was reunited with their long-lost cat 10 years after the feline wandered away from their home and never returned.

Julie Jackson Sinclair said her family never expected to see Cuddly the cat again after he vanished from their Elmira-area home about 10 years ago.

"When you're on a farm, you never know when they're indoor/outdoor cats whether the coyotes were around or whether he had gotten run over," Sinclair told the Waterloo Chronicle. So we just assumed he was gone and never returned.

Sinclair said she was initially confused when the Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth contacted her to say they had her cat, as the family had since gotten another cat and she knew the animal's location.

The Humane Society sent her a photo of the cat bearing the microchip with her information and she was shocked to see it was Cuddly.

"They sent me a photo of him via email and then I went, 'Oh my gosh, that is our cat,'" Sinclair recalled.


She said the reunion with Cuddly was very emotional, particularly for her daughter, who was only 9 when the cat went missing.

"As soon as my daughter picked him up from the vet technician, he cuddled right into her, just snuggled and started purring right away," she said. He knows us and definitely knows that he's cared for and loved here.

Cuddly had been picked up in a field between Breslau and Guelph, a few miles from where the Sinclair family used to live.

The Humane Society said the reunion highlights the importance of having pets microchipped.

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