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Family reunited with dog 8 years after home invasion


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(UPI) An Ohio family whose dog was taken during a 2012 home invasion was reunited with their beloved pet eight years later.

Julia Nemeth of Barberton said she never stopped searching for her beloved dog, Junior, after he was taken in 2012, but there were no solid leads until mid-December of this year, when she spotted a dog on the Humane Society of Summit County's website that strongly resembled her long-lost pet.

The dog, dubbed Buddy by rescuers, had come to the HSSC as a surrender in July 2018. Staff said he had been adopted three times since he came to the shelter, but was returned each time.


Shelter officials compared Buddy to Nemeth's photos of Junior and agreed that he might be the same dog. Nemeth visited the shelter and the dog immediately reacted to his former owner, licking her face and complying with the hand signals she had taught him as a puppy.

Junior, now 9 years old, is back at home with his original family, who say he enjoys spending time snuggling on the couch with family members and playing catch with Nemeth's son.

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