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Watch: Man confronts mountain lion outside California home


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(UPI) A California man who spotted what he initially thought was a German shepherd in his yard ended up chasing a mountain lion that was stalking some nearby kids.

Timothy Kerisk said he went outside his Pacifica home to look for his cat when he spotted a much larger animal next to his fence.

"I thought it was a German Shepherd at first, I was like 'oh, somebody's dog,'" Kerrisk told KABC-TV. Then I looked and it turned back and looked at me, and I was like, 'oh my god no, that's a mountain lion.'

Kerrisk said the mountain lion was peering through the slats of his fence at some kids playing nearby.

"I started yelling for the kids to go back inside and that's when the mountain lion turned around, saw me coming, and started coming at me and then jumped over the fence," he said.

Kerrisk said the cougar fled underneath a nearby parked vehicle.


"Still watching the kids, so I had to come out of the house and chase him out from under the car and up over the hill," Kerrisk said.

Kerrisk said the mountain lion had chased his cat earlier that same day.

Neighbor Andrew Mooney's surveillance cameras also captured footage of the big cat prowling the neighborhood.

"The width of a 2020 Ford F-150 from nose to tail. It's the biggest one that I've seen. We have a lot of sightings of mountain lions around here, and they all seem to be small bobcat size. This one was well fed," Mooney told KRON-TV.

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