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Escaped cat found after four days of hiding in airport


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(UPI) Wildlife rescuers were summoned to an airport in India to help capture a cat that escaped from its carrier during a flight and eluded security for four days.

Wildlife SOS, a non-profit animal rescue and rehabilitation group based in Delhi, said Astha Shah flew from Bengaluru to Delhi with her two cats, and airline personnel discovered upon landing that one of the cats, Nala, was missing from her carrier.

Nala made her way from the cargo area of the plane to the airport, where security staff conducted a multi-day search for the 8-month-old pet.


Wildlife SOS volunteers joined in the search and placed food in locations around the facility to help lure Nala out of hiding.

The cat was safely captured after four days of searching, Wildlife SOS said. She was reunited with a grateful Shah.

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