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Anheuser-Busch's non-alcoholic 'Dog Brew' quickly sells out


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(UPI) Beer giant Anheuser-Busch announced it quickly sold out of its latest offering: a "Dog Brew" that contains no alcohol and is designed to be enjoyed by man's best friend.

The brewing company said Dog Brew is a bone broth made from pork, corn, celery, mint, turmeric and ginger, ingredients designed to appeal to the tastes and nutritional needs of dogs.

"Bone broth is also a great way for dogs who struggle to eat solid food to get all of their extra nutrients. Your best friend is going to love it. We're pawsitive," the company said.


The product, offered for order online, quickly sold out, but the company said interested customers are being put on a waiting list while more product is produced.

"Ope! We already sold through our first batch of Dog Brew by Busch. But don't worry, we're in the process of brewing more 'Nectar of the Dogs!'" Anheuser-Busch said.

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