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Serval captured after two weeks on the loose in Japanese city


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(UPI) Officials in a Japanese city said a serval, an exotic cat native to Africa, was captured after about two weeks on the loose.

The City of Shizuoka said the 1-year-old cat, which was being kept as an exotic pet in the city, escaped June 27 and was on the loose for over two weeks before being captured Monday.

Officials said a witness spotted the serval wandering near Shizuoka Heliport, more than half a mile from its owner's home, and alerted authorities.

The cat was safely captured without injury.


Officials said the serval's owner told authorities the cat had been acting agitated and escaped when the owner opened its cage to check on it.

Servals require permits to be kept in the city, officials said. It was unclear whether the cat's owner had a permit for the animal or whether it would be returned to the owner.

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