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Cat rescued after two weeks with head stuck in plastic jar


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(UPI) Animal rescuers in New Zealand said a cat with a plastic peanut butter jar stuck over its head was captured after two weeks of evading rescue.

Annaliese England, manager of the Matamata Animal Trust, said the cat with the jar stuck over its head was first spotted about two weeks ago in a resident's back yard, but the feline was able to see through the plastic peanut butter jar and fled from attempted rescue attempts.

England said she received word Monday that the cat had been seen nearly 3 miles from where it had previously been seen Friday.

"They called me, and we barricaded off the garden with crates, we also had a net and a pole with a rope on it," England told He was sitting up against some trellis, so we couldn't physically manage to grab him. But I got the rope around his neck.


England took the cat to a veterinarian to have the jar removed.

"I took him to the vet, and they had to sedate him to get it off. He was pretty skinny. He had been two weeks without food or water and would have had only a tiny bit of air getting in," she said.

England said the cat, now dubbed Peanut, is recovering from his ordeal and will be placed with a foster family.

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