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Take steps to prevent pet theft

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As the temperatures increase, time spent outdoors with our canine friends will also be on the rise. While enjoying the outdoors with your dog is most certainly something to look forward to, it also means a higher risk of your dog getting loose and possibly being stolen.

The thought of your dog being taken from you is unimaginable, but with pet theft becoming more frequent, dog owners need to practice caution when it comes to their pups. The American Kennel Club offers the following tips for protecting your dog from theft.

- Microchip your pup. Collars and tags can be removed, so make sure you have permanent ID with a microchip. Always keep your contact information up to date with your recovery service provider so you can be found should your dog be recovered. For more information on microchipping your dog, visit AKC Reunite at

- Never leave your dog outside unattended. When your dog is left alone in the yard, especially if he is visible from the street, he becomes an easy target for pet thieves. Always supervise your dog when he is outside, even if it is just in your yard.

- Keep your dog close. Keeping your dog on a leash and close to you during walks will reduce the chance of him wandering off and possibly catching the attention of thieves.

- Don't tie your dog outside a store. Leaving your dog tied outside a store can be a recipe for disaster. If you need to go shopping, go to dog-friendly stores or leave your dog safely at home.


- Don't give out too much information. If strangers approach you to admire your dog when you're out on a walk, be cautious with how much information you reveal. Don't disclose how much your dog cost or details about where you live.

- Never leave your dog alone in car. Aside from the obvious health risks this poses to your dog, leaving your dog in an unattended car is an invitation to thieves even if you're only gone for a moment.

Take precaution when purchasing a dog. Don't buy pets directly off the internet, at flea markets or from roadside vans. Online classifieds can be easily falsified, and there's no way to verify where the dog is from. Instead, seek out reputable breeders or rescue groups. You can begin your search for a reputable breeder at

For more tips on dog ownership, visit the AKC at

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