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Woman climbs into storm drain to rescue stranded cat


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(UPI) An Arkansas woman climbed more than 30 yards into a storm drain to rescue her cat, which had been trapped for about a day.

The Fort Smith woman said her cat, Olaf, became stranded in the storm drain in Fort Smith on Wednesday and firefighters and animal rescuers were unable to reach the feline.

The woman decided to take matters into her own hands Thursday and climbed through a manhole into the storm drain. She said she had to climb more than 30 yards to find Olaf and carry him back to the manhole, where a helper lifted him to safety.


Olaf did not appear to be inured.

The rescue came just one day after animal services officers in Memphis, Tenn., rescued a dog trapped 12 feet down in a meat processing pit. The dog, dubbed McGregor, was exhausted but did not appear to be injured.

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