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Dog chasing rabbit gets trapped inside buried vehicle


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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Virginia said a small dog chasing a rabbit on his owner's property ended up trapped inside an old vehicle that had been buried.

Franklin County Animal Control and Shelter said in a Facebook post that Henry, an elderly beagle, was chasing a rabbit on his family's Franklin County property when he pursued the smaller animal into a hole.

Henry's family told rescuers they were searching for Henry when they heard him barking underground.

Animal Control responded to the property with personnel from the Fork Mountain Fire Department and Franklin County Public Safety.


The rescuers discovered Henry was trapped inside an old vehicle that had been buried on the property. The dog had managed to get inside the vehicle and was wedged in the far back.

The responders used tools designed to dig and bend metal to get Henry out of the old vehicle.

"Happy to say Henry is fine! He did not experience any pain during the rescue, just a little cold, thirsty and tired!" the post said.

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