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Researchers share footage of coyote, badger playing together


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(UPI) A wildlife camera set up by researchers in California captured an unusual scene of a badger and a coyote playing together in a tunnel.

Peninsula Open Space Trust researchers said they were reviewing footage from a tunnel under a road in the Coyote Valley, south of San Jose, for a study on how animals travel at night.

The footage depicted a coyote about to pass through the tunnel when it turns and wags its tail at the sight of an approaching badger.

The researchers said the two animals showed signs of friendliness toward each other and their behavior was playful.


Neal Sharma, POST Wildlife Linkages manager, said badgers and coyotes have been known to work together.

"Badgers like to dig, and they like to dig fast. So there is footage out there of a badger flushing a ground squirrel nest and getting a ground squirrel of its own. But there's another ground squirrel that comes out another entrance to the den, and the coyote nabs that one," he told CBS San Francisco.

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