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Security camera reveals cat burglar was an actual cat


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(UPI) A New Zealand family whose home was repeatedly targeted by a burglar who stole only fish food set up a security camera and identified the culprit: a neighborhood cat.

Mark Spooner of Auckland said a friend was taking care of the family's fish while they were out of town and the fish-sitter soon noticed an unusual problem.

"Our friend was confused because she would leave the container of fish flakes on the bench at night and in the morning it would be gone," he told the New Zealand Herald. She found more fish food in the cupboard but the same thing happened again -- we had no idea what was going on.

Spooner said the family returned home and soon found themselves awakened in the middle of the night by a sound in the kitchen.

"We actually thought there was someone in the house and looked around everywhere -- then we went into the kitchen and the fish food was gone," Spooner said.

The family set up a security camera to catch the culprit in the act.


"We heard another noise early hours of the morning and went and checked the footage and there it was - a video of this lovely looking white fluffy cat on the bench," Spooner said.

He said the cat had apparently been able to shove its way through the cat door, despite it being secured with a magnetic lock.

Spooner said the family is trying to find the cat's owner to prevent future feline break-ins at their home.

The cat is not the smallest thief to make headlines in recent weeks -- a squirrel was caught on camera stealing a package from the front porch of a Los Angeles home. The San Pedro neighborhood resident said a witness out walking spotted the squirrel fleeing with the package and returned it to the home.

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