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Runaway dog rescued from freeway wall by mystery men


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(UPI) The owner of a dog rescued from atop a freeway wall in Texas said he is trying to find two mystery men who brought a ladder to reach the escaped canine.

Avrim Fishkind said his family's dog, Sookie, escaped from their home in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston on Thursday when a gate behind the house was left open.

Fishkind said Sookie was on the loose for four days before a group of strangers stopped her atop a wall underneath the freeway at Spur 527.

Patricia Alnaser and Casey Joshi, two of the people who stopped to help Sookie, said the dog appeared frightened and unable to get down from the wall.

The pair said efforts to rescue Sookie lasted for several hours and the dog was brought down from the wall thanks to two men who brought a ladder and a can of food to the scene.


Joshi was able to identify Sookie's owners by searching Facebook for local missing dogs.

Fishkind said the two men who helped with the rescue left before he could thank them or even get their names.

"I want to thank whoever you are," Fishkind told KTRK-TV. They had to get to the airport so, I don't know anything about what happened to them. They are just two men that I really have to thank.

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