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Chinese cafe dyes dogs to look like giant pandas


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(UPI) The owner of a Chinese cafe is facing criticism online for dying the fur of dogs to make the canines resemble giant pandas.

The cafe in Chengdu, which is located near where giant pandas live in the wild, features fluffy chow chow dogs with their fur died to look like pandas. The business also offers a service for pet owners who want to dye their own dogs in the panda style.

The cafe owner, surnamed Huang, said it costs about $212 for each dog dye job. He said the dye is imported from Japan and does not pose a threat to the dogs' health.

The cafe has drawn criticism online from animal lovers who pointed out previous cases of dogs being harmed by dyes.


PETA shared a case in 2018 of a dog that received severe burns from hair dyes intended for use on humans.

"Unnatural beauty procedures that don't benefit an animal's personal health and well-being should never be performed," the animal rights group said in a statement.

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