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Rescuers lower ladder to rescue fox from muddy tank


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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Britain said they lowered a ladder into a muddy water overflow tank to rescue a fox that became stranded at the bottom.

The RSPCA said Inspector Sarah Bagley responded to The Calder and Hebble Navigation in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, after workers spotted a fox stranded at the bottom of the 10-foot-deep tank.

"Thankfully, the overflow water tank was empty otherwise he could well have drowned. But the tank was very muddy and had become somewhat of a mud-trap," Bagley said. There's no way this little guys could have climbed out on his own so he definitely needed a helping hand.

Bagley and Yorkshire Water workers were able to lower a ladder to help the fox climb out.


"A storm drain with a shallow layer of muddy water made getting out too difficult for this fox but, as you can see, all he needed was a ladder," Bagley said.

The fox was able to run off after ascending the ladder.

"He soon realized that we were trying to help him and what he needed to do and darted up the ladder and shot off into the undergrowth," the rescuer said.

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