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Dog rescued from Idaho cliff after five days


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(UPI) A pair of volunteer animal rescuers in Idaho rescued a dog from a steep cliff after the canine was stranded for at least five days.

Dave Wright, a volunteer with Jerome-based Friends Furever Animal Rescue, said he was having his morning coffee Oct. 13 when he saw a Facebook post about a Great Pyrenees dog stranded on a cliff near Bliss.

Wright said he posted a comment to get the coordinates of the dog's location and checked out the area on Google Earth before soliciting the help of Richard Jensen, a fellow volunteer at the rescue and an experienced rock climber.

The volunteers were able to climb to the dog's location, give him some water and put a leash around his neck.


The men were then able to climb down from the cliff with the canine in tow.

The dog, now named "Clifford," was vaccinated and treated for fleas and minor scrapes. He is now at the Friends Furever Animal Rescue awaiting placement in a foster home.

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