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Fox with head stuck in tire rescued in Britain


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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Britain came to the assistance of a fox that was found at a storage facility with its head stuck in the middle of an old tire.

The RSPCA said Inspector Alan Barnes was dispatched to the storage center in Bristol, England, when workers at the facility found the fox with its head stuck in a tire Oct. 4.

"The tire had been discarded outside and the inquisitive fox had been exploring -- probably searching for scraps to eat -- when he pushed his head through the gap and got well and truly stuck," Barnes said.

"He was wedged and I didn't want to hurt him by trying to remove him there and then so we took the whole tyre -- fox still wedged -- over to our Bristol center," he said.


Mandy Stone, veterinary manager at the RSPCA's Bristol Animal Rescue Center, led the effort to remove the fox.

"We used a veterinary lubricant and rubbed it all over his head and neck so we could slowly and carefully maneuver him out," she said. Thankfully, other than being very confused and scared, he wasn't injured so Alan was able to release him.

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