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Her family thinks she's courting trouble feeding feral cats

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Dear Joan: Would you know what the heck type of bird is making very unusual sounds at 2 in the morning? This is right outside my bedroom window and there are so many different tunes and calls that I feel as if I am in an exotic jungle.

It's funny because the bird changes its patterns over and over; very meditating, I might add.

-- Gina L.

Dear Gina: I suspect you have a lonely male Northern mockingbird outside your window. Other than an owl or a night hawk, that's about the only bird that would be up that early and the only one that would be so conspicuous.

As mating season is drawing to a close, this fellow is still looking for a mate or is a juvenile that is late to the party. Male mockingbirds sing their hearts out hoping to win the affection of a female, who chooses her partner based on the quality and quantity of the songs. The more tunes the mockingbird can work into his serenade, the better. For him. Not a lot of people like to listen to the mockingbird, especially at 2 a.m., so I'm happy to hear you find it meditative.


Mating season for mockingbirds is early spring and summer, so your middle-of-the-night performer will likely pack up his show fairly soon. In the meantime, enjoy.

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