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Her family thinks she's courting trouble feeding feral cats

Joan Morris, The Mercury News on

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Dear Joan: I have feral cats!

Mama cat had two babies and she looks pregnant again. I would like to trap all three and daddy cat, if he comes around again. I haven't seen him lately.

Should I feed them? Or should I only feed the neutered ones? My concern is, will this attract more feral cats?

My family thinks I'm asking for trouble.

-- Mary

Dear Mary: You are asking for trouble, but you've already got it with a pregnant Mama Cat and her kittens. You don't need to worry about attracting feral cats -- they are reproducing in your yard.


Please do capture the cats and have them neutered. There are several groups that can help you with the neuter and spay. You trap and they do the surgery and then return them from whence they came.

Keeping the cats and kittens from reproducing will help ease your burden greatly.

If you continue feeding them, you might attract more ferals. You probably will. If you can manage to feed the ones you've got in a private, protected place, and then pick up the food dishes as soon as they are done, that will reduce the risk of attracting more cats and wildlife to your yard.

It would be even better if the cats could be tamed and become your pets. Not an easy task, but it would solve some of your problems, and would be a great kindness to the cats.


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