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Stray ferret caught in showroom of Volvo dealership


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(UPI) Animal rescuers in England said workers at a car dealership were surprised to find a ferret running around inside the showroom.

The RSPCA said rescuers were summoned to Mill Volvo in Stockton when workers arrived to find a friendly ferret loose in the showroom.

"I'm used to seeing Jaguars, Pandas, Mustangs and even Beetles in car showrooms -- but a ferret is definitely a new model! I'm not sure how well it'll sell!" animal collection officer Shane Lynn joked.

"He was just wandering around the cars -- goodness knows where he came from! He could be an escaped pet or may have been abandoned," Lynn said.


"Staff managed to catch him in a box and keep him safe until I arrived. Luckily, he was fairly healthy although it looks as though he'd been living stray for some time as he was a little underweight and was covered in ticks," he said.

The ferret, dubbed Volvo by rescuers, is being cared for while the RSPCA tries to find its owner.

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