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California woman records face-off between mountain lion, coyotes


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(UPI) A California woman captured video of a scene that unfolded in her yard when a mountain lion came face to face with two coyotes.

Monica Hylbert of Los Gatos said she heard strange founds from outside her home before 7 a.m. and looked out to see the two coyotes appearing to try to stop the cougar from moving forward.

"I was pretty calm about it, I didn't feel threatened. I was just intrigued by what was happening. It's obvious the coyotes were trying to protect something," Hylbert told KGO-TV.

Hylbert said she fled inside just as the mountain lion appeared ready to pounce. She said all three animals were later spotted fleeing.


The non-profit Mountain Lion Foundation said it was rare for humans to witness such a confrontation.

"It's not everyday that a person gets to witness two carnivores interacting like this!" the foundation said.

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