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Woman's bike stolen during goat rescue in New Zealand


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(UPI) A New Zealand woman who stopped on her way home to chase a loose goat running through the Auckland city streets said someone stole her bike during the animal rescue.

Jessica Rose, an Albert-Eden Local Board member, said she was biking home about 9:30 p.m. Thursday when she spotted the goat running through a busy road in the Sandringham area.

"There was a whole lot of cars zooming by quite quickly and the goat was just zig-zagging all over the middle of the road," Rose told I didn't want anything to happen and nobody was stopping so I just threw my bike down on the grass verge and ran after the goat.

Rose was eventually able to capture the goat with help from a group of men who were driving by and stopped to grab the goat by the horn.

The woman said she stayed with the goat, which was wearing a collar and leash, and called for help.


"I called animal control and during that time someone stole my bicycle," she told the New Zealand Herald. I was just standing close by. If someone was walking why didn't they come and help? Instead, they decide it's a great opportunity to steal a bike.

The goat was taken to a local animal shelter.

Rose said she is hoping to recover her bike, which had been customized with a number of "unique modifications."

"Whoever has taken it I just want it returned, no questions asked, no consequences. I just want it back," she said.

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