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Firefighters help woman with snake stuck in car grill


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(UPI) A motorist stopped by Station 42 for help after discovering a snake tail sticking out of the grill of their car. The crew successfully rescued the bull snake!— South Metro Fire Rescue (@SouthMetroPIO) June 4, 2019

Firefighters in Colorado came to the rescue of a woman who pulled into the station driveway -- and the snake sticking out of her front grill.

John Cronin of South Metro Fire Rescue said the woman pulled into the driveway of Station 42 Tuesday afternoon in Foxfield and drew firefighters' attention to the front grill of her car.

"We're all looking at the grill of the car and so I'm like, 'What's going on?' And the lady was saying, 'Oh, there's a snake in my car, in the grill!'" Cronin told KUSA-TV.

Cronin said he and his colleagues tried to grab the serpent, but it fled further into the car.


"It was hard because it was in a spot that we couldn't reach our hands into, so we were poking it with our tools and so it finally crawled the other way and I was able to grab it," Cronin told KDVR-TV.

Cronin, who posed for a Twitter photo with the snake, said he was being unusually brave when he grabbed the reptile.

"I hate snakes," he said. We get snakes at my mom's house all the time. I usually grab them with like barbecue tongs and everything but since I'm in the public eye I've got to be tough.

The snake was released near the firehouse.

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