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Family finds pool-crashing neighbors were baboons


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(UPI) A South African family who suspected rude neighbors were trespassing in their backyard pool set up a security camera that identifies the culprits -- local baboons.

The Marloth Park, Ehlanzeni, homeowner said he and his wife started noticing that when they would come home from work, it appeared someone had been using their pool.

"We installed the camera because every time we came back from work, one could see that someone was swimming," the man said. Because our property is not fenced off we at first thought it was our neighbors using it without permission.


The man said he and his wife were surprised when the CCTV footage identified the true culprits: a group of baboons.

"Baboons can be troublesome to humans but we live peacefully with our animal neighbors and they are always welcome! We are blessed!" he said.

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