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Firefighters rescue horse from deep mud in California


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(UPI) Firefighters in California spent hours rescuing a horse that got trapped in deep mud while out for a ride with his owner.

Sherry Leigh said she was riding her horse, Ziggy, near the Hansen Dam in Shadow Hills on Tuesday evening when the equine stepped into some deep mud.

"He instantly sank to his belly," Leigh told KABC-TV. I didn't try and make him fight or struggle to get out. I stepped off him. I was up to my knees. It was like a suction cup. I couldn't get out.

The rider was eventually able to make her way to solid ground and call for help, which arrived in the form of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Firefighters initially attempted to use ropes and a winch to hoist the horse out of the mud, but the ropes snapped.


The firefighters eventually ended up getting the horse on a piece of plywood and sliding Ziggy to safety on his side.

Leigh said she initially feared Ziggy might have a leg injury, but after some rest he was able to stand and walk without assistance.

"It was scary. It was scary for me. And then to see all the firefighters come together. I can't even express my gratitude to all of them for pulling together and getting him out without injury," she said.

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