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Lost cat reunited with family 475 days after mudslide


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(UPI) A California family said they were reunited with their beloved cat 475 days after the pet went missing in a mudslide.

Noelle Stogoff said her cats, Diamond and Huguette, were nowhere to be found when her family needed to evacuate their Montecito home during the storms.

"I had no idea that what happened was going to happen and assumed they would be fine. When we got back, we couldn't find them," Strogoff told KEYT-TV.

The family had to relocate for a year so damage done to their home by the mudslides could be repaired. They returned in January of this year, but their cats still had not been located.

Strogoff said she was talking to a contractor who was helping her family with renovations Monday when she mentioned her missing pets. The contractor mentioned he had been feeding a stray cat nearby and the two compared phone pictures.


"Twenty minutes later, I'm following him to his home and there's Diamond totally fine," Strogoff said.

She said her children were overjoyed to be reunited with their long-lost pet after 475 days.

"Don't give up, keep looking, just keep talking to people and expressing what it is you are looking for," she said.

Strogoff said she is still holding out hope that Huguette also will be found.

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