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Puppy recovering after being carried off by an owl


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(UPI) An Arizona puppy is recovering after being carried away by an owl and apparently dropped on a local golf course.

Bonnie Ziegler, who is fostering the puppy, named Latte, and her three siblings for Foothills Animal Rescue, said the canine vanished during a bathroom break in her yard.

"I didn't hear a sound and the other puppies didn't bark. It was as if she just vanished," Ziegler told KPHO/KTVK. We immediately started searching and soon our neighbors joined in. We posted a notice on the Nextdoor [app] in the hopes someone might find her.

Latte turned up about 12 hours later at the Troon Country Club, suffering from dehydration and puncture wounds.

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Veterinarians said the wounds answered the mystery of the puppy's disappearance -- she had been grabbed and carried off by an owl.

Latte is recovering from her injuries and is expected to be in foster care for a few more weeks before going up for adoption.

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