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Dog rescues elderly neighbor after fall in the snow


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(UPI) A Minnesota man's dog is being credited with rescuing an elderly neighbor who took a fall outside amid dangerously cold temperatures.

Tim Curfman of Alexandria said he was taking the garbage out last week when his 4-year-old black lab mix, Midnight, started behaving unusually.

"She had her ears perked up looking at me. She doesn't normally do that. Sometimes you get that feeling something's up," Curfman told WCCO-TV.

Curfman followed Midnight to the other side of the house, where they found his 87-year-old neighbor, who wanted to be identified only as Noreen, lying in the snow.

Noreen said she had taken a fall while trying to fill her bird feeder.

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"We figured she was out there at least a half an hour," Curfman said. She could not have gotten up because her gloves had gotten wet and she didn't have enough strength in her fingers to push herself up. Nothing around the corner to get up and get a hold of either.

Curfman's wife helped Noreen change into some dry clothes and stayed with her while she warmed up. The woman was not seriously injured.

"We've been very proud of her because it's not every dog that pays attention to things like this," Curfman said. And she got so many treats it was a shame.

Noreen said she considers Midnight to be her personal hero.

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