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Florida police wrangle runaway pig


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(UPI) Police in Florida were able to capture an escaped pig running loose through a residential neighborhood and returned the porcine pet to her owner.

The Sunrise Police Department tweeted photos showing Officer Colin Douglass with Iggy the Piggy after he captured the animal in a residential neighborhood.

Sheena Mousavi, Iggy's owner, said she found out about the pig's escape from a social media post.

"Pigs are very, very smart animals but I don't know what happened this time," she told the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Mousavi said she flagged down a police cruiser about a half-hour later and found Iggy in the back seat of the car.


"[Police] were giving her carrots to get her to come in the car and it took a while but they were patient and very, very kind," she said.

She said Iggy is about 2 years old and weighs about 50 pounds, but is faster than she looks.

"She's a very fast runner. It's very hard to catch her," she said. If she doesn't know you she'll run unless you have food then she'll come.

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