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Fox tries to open door to Kansas woman's shop


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(UPI) A Kansas woman captured unusual footage of a fox trying to claw its way into the business where she had fled with her dog.

Sally Catlin of Herington said the fox had previously gotten into an altercation with her dog, Ellie, on Sunday and the animal seemed aggressive when they encountered it again Monday.

Catlin brought Ellie inside her shop and filmed as the animal attempted to claw through the window on the door and even attempted to work the door handle to get inside.

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Catlin said police and the game warden have been informed of the fox's behavior and they told her they will likely set traps so they can make sure it isn't rabid.

"We do see foxes. We live on the edge of town and have acres behind us and we do see foxes cross back there into a wooded area also every year, but I've never seen one this close and not afraid of people at all, and actually fighting with the other animals," Catlin told KWCH-TV.

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