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Stranger breaks through ice to rescue dog from lake


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(UPI) A visitor to a British Columbia lake captured video of the moment a stranger ran into the frigid waters of a frozen lake to rescue a dog that fell through the ice.

Ben West posted a video to Instagram showing the scene he witnessed Friday at Trout Lake in Vancouver, where a dog that appeared to be a husky ran out onto the ice and fell through.

West's video shows a woman, who he said was not the dog's owner, breaking through the ice and wading out to carry the dog back to shore.

West called the woman a "hero."

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"She rescued it and brought it back...I've never seen anything like that before," West told Global News.

The Vancouver Park Board is reminding pet owners to keep their dogs off the ice, which they warned is more slush than solid ice.

"It definitely is not safe. We ask all dog owners to be very mindful and keep their dogs away from the water," Park Board aquatic supervisor Sean Healy said.

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