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Lions attack visitor's car at British safari park


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(UPI) A visitor to a drive-through safari park in Britain captured video of the moment a pride of "aggravated" lions attacked her car.

Abi Tudge said she and a friend were traveling through West Midland Safari Park with two children when rangers shut the gates because a pride of lions had wandered too close to the exit.

Tudge told the BBC the lions were "aggravated" and climbed on top of her friend's car.

"We were so [shaken] up and trying to make sure the children were OK," she said.

Tudge said she feared the lions could have broken through a window.

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"The rangers were in their vehicle, but nowhere near the lions," she said.

A park spokeswoman said the guests were not in danger from the lions, which had become "particularly active" since male lions were recently mixed in with the group of females.

She said the gates were closed temporarily as a precaution to prevent the predators from getting out of their designated area.

Lions have been known to damage vehicles in drive-through safari parks in the past -- a visitor to South Africa's Kruger National Park shared video late last year of a male lion attacking a vehicle while a lioness, the male lion's apparent intended mate, watched from nearby.

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