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Pennsylvania police rescue cat stuck in garbage disposal


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(UPI) Police in Pennsylvania shared a photo from an unusual call involving a cat that found itself trapped in a difficult spot -- the garbage disposal.

The Tredyffrin Township Police Department posted a photo to Facebook showing the curious cat that managed to crawl into its owner's garbage disposal, leaving only the feline's head sticking out from the bottom of the disposal.

"The cat may have had his tongue when he first arrived, but TTPD Sgt. Brian Hughes wasted no time springing into action," the post said. After grabbing a few tools, and a bit of coconut oil, Sgt. Hughes worked for an hour to safely disassemble the disposal and successfully free the trapped feline!

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The department said the cat "was uninjured and remains with all 9 lives intact."

"Who says only firefighters rescue cats?" the post quipped.

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