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Dr. Pol shares 'Incredible' life with animals

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James Norton ("Grantchester," "War and Peace") is starring as the London-raised son of a Russian Mafia boss in AMC's new eight-part thriller, "McMafia," premiering next Monday. Probing the mind of the compromised financier was a real challenge, says Norton.

"The show is very much sort of tapping into the idea that people from every walk of life ... are prone to this level of criminality. And none of us are very far away ... Maybe you are involving yourself in some tax evasion. Maybe it's even worse. But what's fascinating from the point of view of playing Alex, was that this man is a good man.

" ... And Alex wants to do the right thing. He's standing by his life, his girlfriend, his family, but he's tempted. And we see it all the time in every walk of life, but particularly in the world of finance and banking -- men and women who are given a pact with the devil. And Alex is offered that, and he takes it over the course of the eight hours."


Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, who wrote the short film that shaped the Lifetime series "UnREAL," says the show is entering its third season next Monday because it offers a beehive of ethical turpitude.

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Mimicking the backstage antics of a TV reality show like "The Bachelor," "UnREAL" often cuts deep. "One of the reasons why this world is such a great place to set this show is that it's just a bastion of moral quandary," she says.

"Every turn is filled with a challenge for each person. And there are constant decisions. There's constantly the devil on your shoulder asking you to go down the wrong path. And it's also... a world full of longing. Like everyone is longing for something. Either it's love or success or love through success or a work family or a real family. So it's a fishbowl full of people that are trying to find love and find home. So it's just a really beautiful place to work inside of."

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