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Officer's dash cam captures unexpected cougar crossing


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(UPI) A Canadian police officer conducting a traffic stop accidentally captured video of an unusual jaywalker -- a cougar checking out a grocery store.

The The Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Alberta wing posted a video to YouTube that was recorded by an officer's dashboard camera while he was conducting a traffic stop Jan. 9 in Banff.

The video shows the officer standing next to the car he pulled over on the road when a mountain lion suddenly appears and crosses the street to a grocery store.

"A nosy neighbor was caught on RCMP VICS camera trying to see what one officer was up to," the video's description reads.

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Banff National Park said the incident should serve as a reminder to be cautious in the area.

"A cougar was spotted walking through @Banff_Town Jan 9th. @ParksCanada wildlife staff tracked the animal which exited town & continue to monitor the area. This event serves as a reminder to be 'wildsmart,'" the park tweeted.

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